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La Vista Designed Interiors
Expert Interior Design in Essex

Stylish and timeless interior design that works in harmony with you, to create your unique forever home

Bespoke Interior Design in Essex

Based in the quaint Essex town of Leigh-on-Sea, La Vista Designed Interiors will help you create a forever home that is both beautiful and functional.


Not only do we re-energise homes throughout Essex with personalised and creative interior design, but our clever e-design Service means you can be based anywhere in the world.


Whether you’d like us to transform your entire home, a single room, or simply give your windows a stylish makeover, our aim is to replace confusion with excitement, as we combine our friendly design expertise with your personality and ideas.

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How can we help you with bespoke and affordable interior design?


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If you would like to learn more about how I can help you design and create your Forever Home, book your 30 minute complimentary discovery call today

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