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My Story


I’m Anna Maria Slater, a passionate Essex-based interior designer, and the founder of La Vista Designed Interiors.


You could say that creating unique Forever Homes runs in my family. My Italian parents bought their first home just after they married in the 1960s; a charming two bedroom bungalow in Leigh-on-Sea.


That humble bungalow gradually extended upwards and outwards over the years, adding rooms and changing layouts to accommodate our growing family… not to mention the large, loud gatherings with friends that are so loved by we Italians!


As my brother and I grew up, got married, and flew the nest, my parents transformed their home again, this time to suit their own needs. Mum loves cooking, so they created a larger, more sociable kitchen (which helped Mum treat her many

grandchildren to an array of delicious meals, made with love!)

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Renovation Equipment

When my parents grew older, they decided to convert a room on the ground floor into a bedroom. My mother still lives in her beloved forever home to this day, mostly because she has been able to make the space function perfectly with her needs.


I hope my family’s story shows that with smart thinking, creative ideas, and expert design, you can make your much-loved home into a beautiful space that also blends with your changing needs.


I would love to be the interior designer who can help to make this happen for you. To start a conversation, please get in touch.

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