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Interior Designer at Work
Renovating & Extending

Would you like to improve the layout of your home?

Renovating or extending your home is a process fraught with endless decision making.

You may need help managing the layout of a newly-extended space, such as an open plan area. It can also be difficult to define each section, and work out how to make everything flow.

Image by Jess Bailey
Paint Buckets

Added to this is the need to decide on a lighting scheme, and where to position lights in relation to furniture.


Then there’s the issue of choosing the right colour scheme, the correct flooring for each space, and the most suitable finishing touches… right down to your electrical sockets, light switches, and door handles.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! We will happily use our experience, knowledge, and creativity to discuss your interior design ideas, and put forward some of our own, to create the perfect space for you.


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