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Client: A design-savvy family with children, all lovers of quirky style and furnishings.

Brief: To create a calm and comfortable living space in a home with a beautiful sea view, featuring plenty of space for storage, study…and TV watching, of course!

Room: Lounge

‘Tranquilla’ is Italian for tranquil, and this neutral-toned room conveys a real sense of calm, along with design-led flourishes and built-in practicality.

We used a neutral-toned taupe and grey base colour scheme throughout, with high quality walnut flooring providing the perfect backdrop for the more dramatic blue and white accent colours. ‘Tranquil’ sheer curtain fabric and graduated colour allow the family to make the most of their sea view, whilst bespoke storage space, a stylish chest of drawers and a unique-designed desk make functionally smart statements.

The result is – just as its name suggests – perfectly tranquil and relaxed, but with striking design elements that provide the perfect setting for studying and TV watching alike.

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