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Client: A successful (and colour-shy!) female Finance Director, who regularly travels overseas for business.

Brief: To create a well-designed, vibrant space for entertaining friends, that allows the client’s outgoing, sociable, and vivacious personality to shine.

Room: An open plan living and dining space that leads from the kitchen – offered something of a blank canvas.

The client had recently moved into her new home with no furniture except a dining table. She was looking for help transforming the room into a beautifully designed entertaining space… one in which she and her friends would be comfortable chatting for hours over a bottle (or two) of wine!

Although she initially wanted much of the space to stay plain white, on getting to know her a little better, we were able to find innovative ways to express her fun-loving personality through individual flair and colour.

For example, we soon discovered that the client was open to unusual artwork and decorative elements. We sourced these from all four corners of the world, to reflect her status as a regular and curious traveller.

As you can see, we couldn’t call the finished result anything but Vivace (pronounced “vi-va-che”) – an Italian word that encapsulates all that is lively, bright, vibrant, and colourful!

Happily, the client was delighted that we had pushed the boundaries in designing a space that is alive with colour, yet retains the fresh white walls she had originally wanted to retain.

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